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Individual online course

Your private learning platform with everything you need. Powered by a way to learn that makes improving natural and easy.

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The individual online course for your English

Your individual online course with Alexander. A great teacher. A learning process that works. Explanations that make sense. Check out the free lessons as often as you want. Join the course to turn the lessons into a 12 week learning sprint. A downloable workbook will guide you every step of the way. And printable one page summaries per topic will guide your fitness studio exercises. 

Professionally organized, easy to understand lessons and you guide and support in a very pleasant way.

Edo J.

Alexander takes you on a journey from how language works to a learning process that fits this like a glove.

Peter B.

Alexander picks you up where you are and aligns what he trains to lived work- and home-world.

Christine H.

Answer five easy questions, and get an immediate result and detailed explanation.

improving how by doing now

We all know that practicing is key. The Next Level English learning journey will have you optimizing your English quickly and easily as you practice small meaningful steps that are connected to your everyday lives like brushing teeth or making coffee - as little as 5 minutes a day.

Better learning

The Next Level English course turns abstract learning into a personal language fitness studio letting you master the English you need in your life and work-world - at your own pace!

A way of teaching that works

Easy to understand step-by-step videos. Scripts for all videos in English and German. Practice focussed one-page summaries for every topic.

No one wants to waiste time with complicated unhelpful school English grammar. In Next Level English Alexander explains even the most complicated things in simple intuitive ways. Once you deeply understand the purpose of what others confuse as Grammar it becomes super easy to put into practice.

Best in class e-learning technology

Beautifully designed blazing fast online training available 24/7 on all devices makes Next Level English great. Topic specific live motivation, practice, and Q&A webinars make it even better.

Your online English course in good hands

Alexander Harmsen has trained and coached thousands up their business English awareness, skill, and well-being for their and their organization's success. Even before Corona, he was working on the best way to evolve in-person seminars and courses into best in class blended learning online training programs.

Before Corona he was already working on transforming this slowly perfected way of teaching into a company online English course that would replace face-to-face trainings but keep the personal contact and group feeling critical to learning success.

The result is the best way for adults who have had English in school to finally get good at it, understand it, and enjoy using it at work.

Helpful user stories

Andrea needs Simply Better English


Anna wants to improve her English. She learned it in school but did not focus on it and did not have enough contact with English speakers to make the language live. She knows she can get all the grammar and vocabulary information she needs on the web. What is missing for her is a process that works and that does not feel like school. The Next Level individual online course takes her through a twelve week learning sprint in small easy steps explained in a way that makes sens.

Mark needs Simply Better English


Florian would like to improve his English. But he hates learning with abstract exercises that are not connected to his life. The Next Level English individual online English course connects everything he learns, every step of the way, to his lived world. And it does so in a way that motivates him with increasingly complex success experiences that feel real and personal.  

A detailed review: Peter Binetsch

There is no English training and no trainer better!

When I needed to quickly improve my English to lead professional development workshops for international teams I didn’t have much time and I didn’t have much hope. This training was a real pleasure, and the results speak (write) for themselves. Take this training … you won’t regret it.

Next Level English with Alexander Harmsen is the best language training you can have, period. I know because you could say I have tried every type of language training. Why is he the best? Because it is so much more than just ‘language’ training.

This training takes you into the language in a way I have never and since experienced. It is a journey from how language works to a learning process that fits this like a glove. A learning process at eye level that integrates the learning in your world and embeds it in what you need to professionally communicate in English.

The result is the network connections your brain needs for the learning to stick! Thank you! There is no English training and no trainer better!

Swiss Engineering Institute | Human Resource Developer