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Alexander Harmsen has been teaching, training, and coaching English worldwide for 25 years.

Alexander Harmsen Next Level Academy Owner and Lead Instructor

Alexander is an interpersonal communication expert, trainer and coach with more than twenty-five years of international experience researching, teaching, training and coaching interpersonal communication at leading public and private organizations and for individuals in Europe, Asia, and North America.

He is a Canadian world citizen of Dutch descent, educated in economics, general humanities, philosophy, and business administration in Canada, Belgium, and Germany. Alexander lives with his wife and daughters near the shore of Lake Constance along the German-Swiss EU border.

When not being an active father and husband or pursuing life-long learning in applied linguistics and philosophical psychology, he is most likely swimming or playing guitar.

What people are saying about

Alexander Harmsen

Ulrich R for testmonial
Ulrich r.

University president

Alexander left a lasting impression on me

His ability to crystallize and simplify complex material and his professionalism left a lasting impression on me.

Kirstin for testmonial

Excellence Cluster Professor

Intellectually and personally inspiring

The way he works immediately convinced me of his psychological and professional competence.

Peter B for testmonial

Organizational developer

The best language trainer. Period.

He takes you into the language as a journey from how language works to a learning process that fits this like a glove. I take my hat off to him.

15 years of breadth and depth of experience

10000+ hours ...

Training people like you to easily up their English in a way that is easily understood and fun.

25 years ...

Empowering English communication at universities, companies, and for individuals around the world.

350+ seminars ...

and courses customized for small, mid-sized, and multi-national companies and organizations.

15+ years ...

experience teaching, training, and coaching participants from over 40 countries on three continents.

35 years ...

Studying and simplyfiying the training and coaching of what we do with words and what they do with us.

years ...

Transforming in-person seminars and courses into best in class blended learning online training programs.

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