Next Level English features that make improving your English more intuitive, more effective, and more fun. A personalized English fitness studio anytime, anywhere.

Features of Next Level English

Features for your English success

Live online learning sessions are intensive 50 min. practice sessions with Alexander to test and strengthen your progress.

Step by step

Learn, practice, and stay inspired with max. 15 min. video learning sprints anytime, anywhere, on all devices.

Intuitive and clear

No abstract concepts or rules. Everything explained in a way that immediately makes sense.

Your lifeworld

In the open and company group courses Alexander guides you to learn focused on the vocabulary your need most.

Learning by doing

Personalized short daily exercises keep you doing what you need to move towards proficiency.

Personal learning platform

The intuitive personal learning platform keeps you organized every step of the way and keeps track of your progress.

5-15 min. a day

Your personalized 5-15 minute a day exercise program.

Lifetime access

Perfect your English as long as you need. All advancements and all updates for ever.

Email motivation

Regular motivation, review, and self-test emails keep your learning on track.

1-page topic summaries

Clear and easy to practice with one-page downloadable summaries of very topic.

Easy onboarding

A button in an email starts your onboarding process. You will be on your way to easy learning in minutes.

24/7 365 on all devices

Self-explanatory chaptered videos, topic summaries, and more on all devices. Anywhere, anytime.


On demand digital certificates for company group participants.

Data security

GODP confirm EU servers and limited personal information storage.

Satisfaction surveys

Company course feedback surveys to measure investment success.

There are many good reasons to start understanding, applying, and enjoying the English you need with Next Level English. Live online learning trainings is but one of them!