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Next Level English

A mastery process that works and explanations that make sense.

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Free lessons | Online course | Private group courses

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Free English lessons

All lessons forever free on various platforms and on this website. If you get value out of them, consider donating or buy the course book to get even more value.

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Next Level English

A mastery process that works and explanations that make sense.

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Free lessons | Online course | Private group courses

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Individual online course

All the lessons as a guided 12 week learning sprint. All materials, including a step-by-step course book. Many extras and lifetime access.

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Private group courses

Everything in the online course customized for your desired outcomes. Motivated customized group learning powered by 12 50 min. customized live practice sessions.

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Your best way to master English

Next Level English is your best way to master English. Available in free and paid versions. Helping everyone who wants more confident English.

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Best English trainer

Alexander Harmsen applies more than 25 years of experience to achieving the goals of every participant and every group course.

Edward J and how this better online English training makes complex ideas simple

Edward J.

Senior Key-account Leader

When training communication, the trainer matters as much as the content. Alexander makes complex ideas easy to understand and use.

A proven learning method

Your English Fitness Studio: a proven way to quickly learn and improve your English without 'grammar' or school style exercises.

Peter B testifying to the great English teacher powering online English training

Peter B.

Organizational developer

This training takes you into the language in a way I have never and since experienced.There is no English training and no trainer better!

Live practice sessions

A live practice session with Alexander for every topic. Easily perfect every step before going on to the next one.

Anna H general testimonial as Simply Better English online customer

Anna H.

Customer Center Manager

I very highly recommend this course to those who want to improve their English in a practical way that makes sense.

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Who is Next Level English for?

A Next Level Academy customer logo
A Next Level Academy customer logo
A Next Level Academy customer logo
A Next Level Academy customer logo
A Next Level Academy customer logo

Next Level English It is for all who need to feel good speaking English. The proven English fitness studio learning method let's you easily master the English you need most. 

Next Level English is for students and advanced pupils

Students and advanced pupils

English learning for in person customer consultants in official departments such as tax departments and job centers

Government Agencies / NGOs

English learning for in person customer consultants

Healthcare and Insurance

Next Level English is for family life

Family Life and Relationships

English learning for telephone customer consultants in call centers

Call Centers

English course for in person customer service agents the the manufacturing and insurance sectors

Sales and Support

Next Level English is for students and advanced pupils


Next Level English is for all the trades

Trades People

An English course for empathic respectul customer relationships

International Business

Participant feedback 2020 to 2022

Aggregate results of the standard anonymous course evaluation survey.

Average star rating:

4-5 star rating

 33.33% gave the course a 4 star, and 62,22% a 5 rating.

Enjoyed it!

44.44% enjoyed and 52,56% very much enjoyed the live online sessions.


For 27.27% the course was helpful for their daily work, for 59,09% very helpful.


For 20% the online platform was comfortable, for 47,50% very, and for 32,50 % completely comfortable.

Easily understood

For 44,74% most, and for 50% all the online self-study video lessons were easy to understand.

Recommend it!

35.14% would recommend, and 64,86% would highly recommend the course to their colleages and friends.

Features for your English success

5-15 min. a day

Guaranteed progress with your personalized 5-15 minute a day exercise program.

Step by step

Learn, practice, and stay inspired with small learning sprints anytime, anywhere, on all devices.

Intuitive and clear

No abstract concepts or rules. Everything explained in a way that immediately makes sense.

Your lifeworld

Personalized learning focussed on the English you need for your private and work-world.

Learning by doing

Have fun doing what you need to easily move you toward fluency. Stop thinking, start doing!

Lifetime access

All updates and new lessons, forever. Email notification whenever there is more to enjoy.

Ulrich D tesimonial about the way Simply Better English teaches English

Ulrich D.

Coaching center president

It was great. No abstract dry rules got in the way of almost effortlessly achieving what I need to achieve.

Meike L's description of what makes Simply Better English such a good English course

Meike L.


Next Level English brings ideas to life so that they speak to you and inspire you.

Oliver H Simply Better English testimonial

Oliver H.

IT Professor

Thank you, Alexander, for this experience. I never thought that I could improve so much so quickly.

Live online video practice sessions

Simply Better English learning webinar sessions work with zoom and other webinar tools

Live online motivation, practice, and Q&A sessions make Next Level English simply better. You don't need a personal fitness trainer everytime you workout. But you do need one to make sure you are working out the right step the right way. That is what the live online training sessions with Alexander Harmsen are about. 

Your English learning fitness studio

A fitness studio method that get's you improving one intuitive step at a time.

Christine testimonial of the Simply Better English instructor

Christine H.

International auditor

Alexander picks you up where you are and aligns what he trains to practising the on-the-ground challenges you live in your work- and home-world.

Per topic sessions

A live Q&A / guided practice session per topic to master each step.

Edo J explaining how much he enjoyed learning English this way

Edo J.

Health Services Manager

Professionally organized, easy to understand lessons and you guide and support in a very pleasant way.

One step at a time

Learn a topic. Practice it. Master it in the live session. Go on to the next one.

Sandra K best ever English course testimonial as Simply Better English online customer

Sandra B.

Health Insurance Consultant

It’s been really the best language course I’ve ever taken part in. A great 5-10 minute a day way to improve quickly. It helped so much.

Alexander Harmsen: your experienced English guide and coach

Alexandwer Harmsen English teacher
Alexander personally hosts every video lesson and every online learning webinar!

He has trained and coached thousands up their English awareness, skill, and well-being for their and their organization's success. All over the world, on three continents in over 11 countries.

His breadth and depth of knowledge let him take you on a journey from how language works to a learning process that fits this like a glove. All the while joining you at eye level in the world you need to live in and communicate.

"If you cannot explain it simply, you don't know it well enough."  Albert Einstein

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frquently asked questions about Next Level English. Can't find an answer to your question? Let us know and we will gladly answer your questions and add the answers. 

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  • Section 2: Language learning with Next Level English
  • Section 3: Getting started, managing the platform, and technical details

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve your English!

There are many good reasons to start understanding, applying, and enjoying the English you need with Next Level English. Live online learning trainings is but one of them!