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Best in class online English trainings and services. Free videos for everyone. Guided online courses. Customized private group courses.

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Next level Academy English

Next Level English brings language learning to life in a way that speaks to you and inspires you to improve fast.

Meike L.

It’s been really the best language course I’ve ever taken part in. A great 5-10 minute a day way to improve quickly.

Sandra B.

Thank you, Alexander, for this experience. I never thought that I could improve so much so quickly.

Oliver H.

Next Level English It is for all who need to feel good speaking English. The proven English fitness studio learning method let's you easily master the English you need most. 

Next Level English is for students and advanced pupils

Students and advanced pupils

English learning for in person customer consultants in official departments such as tax departments and job centers

Government Agencies / NGOs

English learning for in person customer consultants

Healthcare and Insurance

Next Level English is for family life

Family Life and Relationships

English learning for telephone customer consultants in call centers

Call Centers

English course for in person customer service agents the the manufacturing and insurance sectors

Sales and Support

Next Level English is for students and advanced pupils


Next Level English is for all the trades

Trades People

An English course for empathic respectul customer relationships

International Business

Participant feedback 2020 to 2023

Aggregate anonymous course evaluation

Average star rating:

4-5 star rating

 33.33% gave the course a 4 star, and 62,22% a 5 rating.

Enjoyed it!

44.44% enjoyed and 52,56% very much enjoyed the live online sessions.


For 27.27% the course was helpful for their daily work, for 59,09% very helpful.


For 20% the online platform was comfortable, for 47,50% very, and for 32,50 % completely comfortable.

Easily understood

For 44,74% most, and for 50% all the online self-study video lessons were easy to understand.

Recommend it!

35.14% would recommend, and 64,86% would highly recommend the course to their colleages and friends.