A mastery process that works and explanations that make sense.

"A legjobb angol tanfolyam valaha"

"Professzionálisan szervezett"

"Úgy, aminek van értelme"


Enjoy and master English with step by step lessons that make sense and a mastery process that works.

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All lessons free on Youtube

All lessons free on Facebook

All lessons free on LInkedIN

Workbook/Answer book

Structure and support your mastery process with a step by step workbook or workbook with answers.

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(29,97 ? with answers)

Step by step mastery workbook

All fitness studio sentences

All summary handouts

Guided online course

Your private compact learning platform and process. Lifetime access with everything you need to succeed.

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(16.50 ? / M. for 12 months)

Életre szóló hozzáférés

Compact optimized lessons

12 week guided learning sprint

Workbook and Answer book

Motivation and self-test emails

Exercises and additional content per step

Privát csoportok

Your customized private group twelve week English learning journey. Live online training sessions per step.

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Everything in the guided online course.

Your team, your vocabulary, your outcomes

Ten 60 minute live group online training sessions

Complettion Certificates

Satisfaction survey

Maximum 12 résztvevő

Minden ár EURO-ban értendő, áfa nélkül.

Az élvezet és az eredmény garancia

I am 100% committed to making your course the most effective and fun course you or your participants have or will ever have taken part in. 

Nagy Alexander Harmsen aláírása

Sándor Harmsen

Founder and lead Next Level Academy trainer and coach

The media, the videos, and the live online meetings were great to learn. Now I know that learning English can be easy and fun!

Anonymous survey reponse

I can now think in English and am not afraid to speak and writeb in English because I have mastered it from the inside out

Anonymous survey reponse

Alexander takes you on a journey from how language works to a learning process that fits this like a glove.

Péter B.

Nagyon ajánlom ezt a tanfolyamot azoknak, akik szeretnének értelmes, gyakorlatias módon fejleszteni angol nyelvtudásukat.

Anna H.

* All private course evaluations are anonymous.