Live online learning video sessions to practice the English you learn with Simply Better English-PhotoRoom

Live English learning webinar sessions

The Nr. 1 online English learning difference that makes a difference. Live online English training sessions to practice what you are learning when you are learning it.

Simply Better English learning webinar sessions work with zoom and other webinar tools

Practice what you learn in regular live online learning sessions

Simply Better English learning webinar sessions work with zoom and other webinar tools

Online English training is good. Best is additional live motivation, practice, and Q&A webinars. Why? Because learning a language is about doing, much more than 'thinking'. The best way to achieve your English goals is to work on what you need when you need it and improve one solid step at a time until you reach your goals.

Imagine scheduling live English training webinar sessions to work on exactly what you need to work on, when you need to work on it. Even better, repeat lessons and their training webinar sessions until you have mastered a topic and are ready to move on to your next challenge.

Unlimited individual 

Unlimited live motivation, practice, and Q&A webinars. Up to 8 per week.

Private company sessions

Company groups have their own privately scheduled training webinars.

Start anytime

Included in Online Plus, as private sessions for company groups, or upgrade here.

You learn when you are ready and attend as many sessions on a topic until you are ready for the next one. And if you realise that a previous step is still giving you trouble when working on something more complex, no worries, just attend a webinar on a previous topic again.

This was not possible with live in-class sessions because not everyone learns at the same speed at the same time. There are sure to be days or even weeks that you are steaming full steam ahead, and then others where meetings or projects mean you can't focus as much as you want.

Personal trainer

Work with the best for your success. Alexander Harmsen hosts all webinars.

Simply better

Personal hands-on training is the missing link that making this course simply better.

Easy to understand

Every session is 100% practice. It is not about learning how, but doing now.

With Simply Better English we have perfected a way of learning that is meaningful, not mechanical. No complex or unhelpful grammatical names for things that are actually simple and natural.  Just meaningful explanations of how the language lets you do what you need.

Your fitness studio

Think of these sessions as your personal fitness studio and language trainer.

Step by step

Increase your comfort zone and self confidence one intuitiv step at a time.

Per topic sessions

Learn a topic. Practice it. Attend the webinar as many times as you need.

Imagine learning by doing instead of being forced to overthink what you are doing. The course will guide you through doing what you need to do just 5-10 minutes a day. No 'exercises' or 'exercise sheets', just producing progressively more complex sentences at home, in your car, or anywhere you have time.

Get learning what you need in a simple easy to understand way.  Let's go! Simply Better English learning webinar sessions and Alexander Harmsen are ready to exceed your expectations!

Your Simply Better English next level

There are many good reasons to start understanding, applying, and enjoying the English you need with Simply Better English. Live online learning trainings is but one of them!

Let's go. I am ready to exceed your expectations.