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Let's plan your fantastic presentation that shines and convices.

"Fantastic! Reduced complexity and increased focus."

"Few are as capable and supportive."

Pay as you go

Only pay for the hours you book. Billed on a monthly basis.

297,00 ?

Interactive online coaching

Real-time presentation work

Incl. image and design support

Advanced booking

Secure the hours you need in advance. Billed as per booking.

Up to 15% off

5% discount on 6-10 hours

10% discount on 11-15 hours

15% discount on >15  hours

Start to Finish

Usual presentation package. Fits most well prepared presentations.

$1597,00 ?

Everything in pay as you go

Session 1: Story line, focus messages, visuals, and titles.

Session 2: Polish and perfect the wording.

Session 3: Honing the presenting and the presenter.

Group seminar

Two day in-house presentation boot-camp for up to 12 participants.

$3997 ?

Everything in pay as you go

Everything in start to finish

As a two day intensive learning by doing in-house seminar

Comprehensive how-to documentation

Complettion Certificates

Maximum 12 résztvevő

Minden ár EURO-ban értendő, áfa nélkül.

Az élvezet és az eredmény garancia

I am 100% committed to making your coaching or seminar the most effective and fun support you or your participants have or will ever have taken part in. 

Nagy Alexander Harmsen aláírása

Sándor Harmsen

Founder and lead Next Level Academy trainer and coach


As a result, we made the presentation much easier, almost effortless, for the viewer to follow and understand.

Jan D-T.

Brand Manager


I know of no better and more comfortable way of crystallizing and expressing the unifying thread, creating a powerful storyline, and nailing the right wording.

Claus. W.

Portfolio Manager