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The online English course for your group

Have a group of customer facing agents or consultants who need better English to achieve the relationships and results you need? Then this course us made for you.

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Learn online by yourself self study all devices

Learn online

Practice in live online video lessons with Alexander

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Anonymous participant

Company course

This online English course was great: watch short video lessons; practice and aks questions during the online sessions ... repeat.

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Anonymous participant

Company course

A very good course! Alexander explained the most important things in the English language tailored to my work needs.

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Anonymous participant

Company course

The most positive for me was the relaxed live interaction with Alexander and that he focused us on what we needed to master in each practice session.

* All company course evaluations are anonymous so that we and the company only gets an aggregated overview.

Your customized online English group course with twelve 50 min. private live training sessions for up to 12 participants.

Next Level English for business
Next Level English for institutions

Turning knowing how into doing now

We all know that practicing is key. The Next Level English learning journey will have your people optimizing their English quickly and easily as they practice small meaningful steps that are connected to activities in their everyday lives like brushing teeth or making coffee - as little as 5 minutes a day.

No one will be left behind and everyone will be pushed to expand their comfort zone. The live online training sessions make sure that everyone sticks to the program and masters each step as they go.

Finally a company online English course for your business English that is more personal and effective than face-to-face training and fits in a busy schedule.

Helpful user stories

Birgitte needs Simply Better English for her company


Birgitte runs a small company with some English-speaking customers. She wants to help two employees improve their English so that they are better and more comfortable keeping her English-speaking customers happy. This is not enough for an in-house course and finding a good open course close by was difficult. Next Level English provides her staff personalized English training like an in-house course with the added flexibility of letting them learn at their own speed wherever they are.

Uwe needs Simply Better English for his company


Mark is a learning and development manager in a mid-sized business. His challenge is fitting the right number of people in the right level company online English course at the right time, on budget. Next Level English make his job easier because it supports multi-level groups, let's him start groups within days, and gives him the good feeling that one of the best language trainers is personally supporting his people and the outcomes he needs.

A better online English group course

A better method
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Join the Next Level English fitness studio and improve the way you train your body with short focused learning sprints. And then practice with me in your private company online training sessions. (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex … etc. Let us know which one is right for your needs).

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A way of teaching that works

No one wants to waiste time with complicated unhelpful school English grammar. In Next Level English Alexander explains even the most complicated things in simple intuitive ways. Once you deeply understand the purpose of what others confuse as Grammar it becomes super easy to put into practice.

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A cutting edge learning platform

Beautifully designed blazing fast online video training available 24/7 on all devices makes Next Level English great. Topic specific live motivation, practice, and Q&A webinars make it even better.

Blended learning with 12 live optimize-by-doing webinars

Simply Better English learning webinar sessions work with zoom and other webinar tools
  1. 1
    First, participants get an invitation and reminders to do an online lesson on any device anytime.
  2. 2
    They are then guided to master what they learned in short 5 minute exercise sprints they can do anywhere, anytime.
  3. 3
    Everyone is then ready to ask questions and polish doing what they learned in the live online training session for that topic

A super easy booking process

The four simple steps to booking the best company online english course for business english
  1. 1
     Take the "Is it right for my company?" quiz and ask the people you have in mind to fill in the "Is it right for me?" questionnaire.
  2. 2
    Choose a nine week window during which the participants go through the course and attend a 60 min. live online training sessions every week.
  3. 3
    We schedule the start date and the live online training sessions.
  4. 4
    Relax as we take care of everything else and your people enjoy simply improving their English in your private company online English course!

Enjoyment and results guarantee

I am 100% committed to making your company online English course the most effective and fun course your participants have or will ever have taken part in. This is why not only are your participants going to love taking this course, you are going to love enjoying the results.

The best of online possibilities and in-person training

The best English teacher focused on your SImply Better English company course

Alexander Harmsen has trained and coached thousands of business English speakers, teaching them how to quickly and easily improve their skills in order for them feel confident and enjoy working in English.

Before Corona he was already working on transforming this slowly perfected way of teaching into a company online English course that would replace face-to-face trainings but keep the personal contact and group feeling critical to learning success.

Almost two years of steady development have made Next Level English a tried and proven course that he is proud of. It has become one of the best of its kind because it harmonizes what is great about online learning with being able to put his passion for teaching into every live learning webinar session like it was the first one.

A detailed review: Anna Hummel

Very highly recommended!

I had heard many good things from my staff and colleagues about Alexander's 2-day presence business English seminar. But I could never understand how consultants could improve their English customer communication in just two days.

That is why I took part right away in the first online company English course customized for the business English in my company. This is in my experience a much better way to achieve the goals of the seminar: more secure and confident English customer consulting.

We could learn at our own speed. Everything was clearly laid out and explained step by step. We could immediately apply every step of the way.

The live webinar sessions were a great way to practice and consolidate the learning. And we could much better allocate the travel, food, and lodging time of an in person seminar to learning!

I very highly recommend this company online English course with Alexander to others who want to learn business English in a practical way that makes sense.

AOK Baden-Württemberg | Customer Center Manager

Frequently asked questions

Click here for answers to the most frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Let us know and we will gladly answer your questions and add the answers here.

How right is Next Level English for our company?

Five keys to answering the question
"How right is Next Level English for our company?"

Starting levels

Neither too low nor too high

If you are a low beginner (A1) this course will probably be too difficult for you. And if your English is already too good (C1/C2) it might not be enough of a challenge for you. The course will be too difficult for you if you cannot understand slow spoken easy to understand English in the videos and during the Zoom webinars. It will be too boring if you have already mastered most of the things you will learn in the course.

Check out this helpful level chart to help you decide. Or, if you need more detail, here is the official CEFR chart in English and in German.


Enough pain to stay motivated

The more you need English the more your English will improve in the course. Our experience tells us that it might be too difficult to motivate yourself to do what you need to succeed in the course if you do not need English at work or for an urgent private event or relationship.

The following bad 'joke' can help make the point: How do you get an 80-year-old to learn English fast? Get him or her a 25-year-old lover. The point is that it is very hard to change when there is no reason to change. That is, when not changing does not cause enough pain.

Time commitment

Enough time to turn what you learn into a habit

The more committed you are to practicing at least 5-15 minutes a day the faster this course can help you improve.

Some people say that it takes 21 days to change a habit. For example, if you want to get in the habit of getting up earlier (not forcing your self out of bed after hitting the snooze button 7 times), you need to do it twenty-one days in a row. The point is that what you do not do regularly is very hard to learn, and even harder to make into an automatic habit.

Your Next Level English company online English course breaks English up into small steps that you can practise any time anywhere. But that means that to succeed in the course you need to in fact practice every small step!


Being open to new ways of seeing, thinking about, feeling your lived world

The more open you are to new ways of seeing, thinking, and feeling about your lived world, the faster you can improve your English.

One of the most challenging and rewarding parts of improving your English is accepting that English does not map the universe and does not prioritize what must be communicated the same way as your native language does. Much more than translating your native language word for word into English, improving your English asks you to see, think, and feel about the world in a different way.

Your Next Level English company online English course will train this different seeing, thinking, and feeling. That is what makes it meaningful, instead of mechanical.

Comfort and acceptance

Being comfortable making mistakes and accepting help from others

The more comfortable you are making mistakes the more likely you are to let other people help you when you do, and the easier it will be to improve very fast in this course.

One challenge to learning a language is that everything happens at once: and you cannot be perfect in everything at once. The only way to focus on what you are learning one step at a time, is to ignore as much of everything else as possible. Next Level English explains and trains this. This works best when you are comfortable making mistakes in steps you have not mastered.

Another challenge is not carrying the burden ‘to be perfect’ all by yourself. When you are speaking English one or more people are involved. This course teaches you how to use the people you are talking with as your teachers. People who are comfortable making mistakes tend to also be comfortable accepting help from others.